About Us

We bring to you reasonably priced, good quality products to enrich your life.

ZenChai invites you to live intentionally through nurturing your soul, body and spirit. We bring you healthy organic teas, natural herb tonics for Organ cleansing, healing and wellness, stress relief, women and men's health, beauty care, fashion, gifts and accessories, home and garden accessories. Please spoil yourself and those that you care about. Today is all that has been given to us.

You will access tea to harness the power of nature to cleanse, health and rejuvenate your body and soul. As nature is capable of refreshing and renewing itself, so is the power of tea. Taste the power of herbal and detox teas to heal and restore you good health.

Daphne Balinda Ketter is a sociologist, an administrator and servant of God making her a humanitarian, mompreneur, writer, adventurer, servant of God. She is dedicated to motherhood and mentoring the younger generation. She loves studying, diving, travel, tennis, fitness, evangelism, experiencing social and cultural activities.